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Mission & Values

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Built for the love of our country and the oath we swore.

Our Vision

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A competitive American democracy where everyday citizens are incentivized and excited to participate. 

Our Mission

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To mobilize veterans and supporters to advocate for election innovations to make our political system less toxic and more competitive. 

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Our Core Values

We choose to operate above the partisan fray.

  • Our current political environment, too often, is toxic and focused on extreme partisan rhetoric. We simply do not engage in this behavior.

  • We do not demonize, dehumanize or disown anyone because of their political (or any other) beliefs.

We role model intellectual honesty grounded in historical context.

  • There are no silver bullets or political saviors to quickly fix our dysfunctional, toxic political system.

  • Implementing our targeted election innovations will take time, Wisdom and true cross-partisan coalition building.

We operate with urgency to enact specific election innovations.

  • We are laser-focused on the three innovations we champion: open primaries, voting innovations and Final-Five Voting.

  • We act with urgency because our mission is critical and we say no to everything else.

We play the long game and know we will be friends when our work is done.

  • Banding together, from across the country and across the political spectrum, to “do our duty as we understand it,” and,

  • Having fun while working hard to implement powerful systematic innovations that fundamentally change the incentives in our anti-competitive two-party “duopoly.”

  • All with the ambitious goal of saving American democracy from the two-party doomloop: partisan extremism, gridlock and dangerous division.

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